Sweden: We will cooperate with Türkiye in the fight against international terrorism

The Minister of Defense of Sweden said that this country will prevent the activities of the terrorist group “PKK” in Sweden and cooperates with Turkey in this direction.

In continuation of Sweden’s efforts to get Turkey to join the NATO alliance, the Swedish Defense Minister said that Stockholm will devote itself to preventing the activities of the PKK terrorist group.

“This is important for our security as well as for Turkey’s security,” Swedish Defense Minister Paul Johnson said on Monday. “We will cooperate with Türkiye in the fight against international terrorism.”

According to this report, on May 18, 2022, after the start of Russia’s special military operations in the “Donbass” region and the start of the war in Ukraine, the governments of Sweden and Finland changed their non-commitment approach to NATO and demanded membership in this military alliance. became

Finland joined NATO in April, but the Turkish government continues to prevent Sweden from joining the military alliance due to security concerns. After an almost long process for more than a year, the Turkish government finally supported Sweden’s accession to NATO.

According to TRT, Johnson also said that the issue of combating terrorist groups is included in the tripartite memorandum signed by Turkey, Sweden and Finland in June 2022.
After the meeting of the NATO leaders in the city of “Vilnius”, Sweden once again emphasized that it will not support the terrorist groups targeted by Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently said that the country’s parliament will not approve Sweden’s membership in the NATO alliance until October.






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