Akbar cheriki fight with the Uzbek wolf in a cage

Currently, Akbar Azadifar is the most famous and well-known Iranian athlete in cage fighting competitions, but he is not the only active Iranian athlete in this field. Akbar Azadifar with the professional name “Akbar cheriki” will fight with Shukhasan Mirzamatov (known as the Wolf of Uzbekistan) on July 22 (31 July) in Kazakhstan.
Akbar Cheriki from the Lorestan mountains, who has had 7 fights so far and won all of them, will fight with Fightri, who has had 11 fights without losing and is one of the most popular athletes in Uzbekistan.

Akbar Azadifar, who went to Almaty, Kazakhstan, said about his fight: I have been fighting since 1991 and so far I have defeated opponents from Georgia and Azerbaijan. This is my fight against a well-known opponent from Uzbekistan, who if I can beat, I will fight for the belt of this organization in the next fight. My fights are held in one of the most prestigious MMA organizations.

Regarding the question of where the nickname “guerrilla” came from? He answered: I have been in ranger training years ago, and at that time our commander gave me this title and it has remained since then.

Akbar Cheriki added: I am a friend of Hadi Chupan and I have competed with him and participated in the strongest men competitions. In my opinion, Amir Ali Akbari is the best Iranian fighter and the words that some say against him are because of jealousy.

Akbar Cheriki experienced the first defeat in his career after this game, and he told his fans that the game has wins and losses, and this time I lost, you can be sure that I will come back stronger than before.





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