This is what Dj.Mt said about DJ

You may be wondering what Dj stands for or what is the Persian equivalent of DJ? We must say that Dj stands for Disk Jockey. The clear image we all have of DJs is maybe someone standing on top of a machine playing a song and people partying and stomping along. The simplest definition that can be given for the job of djing is almost this.

Dj.Mt is an Iranian musician and DJ, whose real name is Mehran Tabatabaei, born on August 15, 1984.

Types of DJs in terms of ability

In terms of ability, DJs are roughly divided into 4 categories: Pro, professional, semi-professional, and beginner (this is not an official category and we named it ourselves). The ability of a DJ is directly related to his income. The better he performs and shows his abilities, the more chances he has to be seen and, as a result, his income will increase.

Pro: In the first category, the best DJs in the world are placed. They master topics such as music theory, mixing and mastering, and composition. They are fully familiar with the equipment and hardware and also have high public relations. Naturally, this group is more famous than DJs and they experience a lot of income.

Professional: The only difference between a professional DJ and Pro is that he is less popular than Pro, but he is fully familiar with the required concepts.

Semi-professional: this category of DJs are relatively familiar with the concepts or equipment and try to reach higher levels.

Beginner: Beginner DJs are still in the early stages and can’t produce as well as they should. If you belong to this category, don’t worry; By practicing and repeating and learning specialized topics, you can bring yourself to higher levels.





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