Scotland seeking independence

“Hamze Youssef”, the First Minister of Scotland, in addition to supporting the holding of a new referendum with a legal obligation on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom, emphasized that the level of Scottish support for independence, despite experiencing the most difficult months and weeks in the history of the “Scottish National Party”, It is at the highest possible level.

According to “Press Association” news reports, Hamza Yusuf said during his speech: “I want bold and radical policies that will make Scotland a successful country like Norway and Austria.” “I accept that my leadership will anger some people.”

In April of this year, the Parliament of Scotland elected “Hamze Yusuf”, the leader of the National Party of Scotland, as the successor of “Nicola Sturgeon” as the first minister of this country. He is also the first Muslim who was able to get this post in Scotland.

In his speech on Saturday, Hamza Yusuf praised Sturgeon for what he called his “leadership on the world stage” and said: “An independent Scotland can aspire to become a country like Ireland, Norway and Austria.”

“Just look at the countries around us that are the same size as us,” Hamza Yusuf pointed out. “They are healthier and wealthier than Britain, and they are more productive than Britain.”

In the continuation of this speech, he called for holding a “referendum with legal obligation” on the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom and said that the population of rural areas of Scotland can be increased with “human immigration”.

The First Minister of Scotland, on the other hand, said that his government did not support the development of the “Rosebank” oil field located in the territorial waters of Scotland in order to support policies to combat climate change, and instead seeks to focus on renewable energy.

Hamza Yusuf also stated: “There are those who have an interest in maintaining the status quo.” Instead of promising to reduce poverty, I promise to eradicate poverty. “There are incredible resources, talent and wealth in Scotland. My mission is to lead our party towards Scottish independence.”





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