The first robot to become the conductor of the national orchestra

The latest performance of the South Korean National Orchestra was accompanied by a humanoid robot who was the conductor.

An Android robot named EveR 6 took to the conductor’s podium in Seoul to conduct a performance by the South Korean National Orchestra for the first time in history.

This two-armed robot, designed by the “Korea Institute of Industrial Technology” (KITECH), made an appearance at the National Theater of Korea for the first time and led the prominent musicians of the country’s national orchestra.

The humanoid robot first bowed to the audience and then, by waving its hands, tried to control the speed of the live show.

Choi Soo-yeoul, who conducted the performance alongside the robot, said: “The movements of an orchestra conductor are very precise. The robot was able to perform such precise movements even better than I imagined. Su Yeol pointed out: Ur6’s major weakness is that he can’t listen.

Lee Young-ju, an audience member who studies traditional South Korean music, said that while the robot’s movements were flawless in keeping the rhythm, they lacked “breath.” Breath is the ability to keep the orchestra ready to play a collective and immediate role, which, according to Yong Joo, is an essential component of performance.

He added: It seemed that measures should be taken so that the robot can do this.

Song In-ho, another audience member, said: Over6’s performance seems to be at the elementary level. I guess once this robot is equipped with artificial intelligence to understand and analyze music, it will be able to conduct an orchestra on its own.

This humanoid robot led three of the five pieces performed; including one done jointly with Soo Yeol.

So Yul said: This performance showed that robots and humans can coexist and complete each other; Not that one replaces the other.


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