Fire at “three stations” in the center of Moscow

The media reported the fire in “Komsomolskaya” square in the center of Moscow, which is also known as “Three Stations” square.

According to the writings of “Pravda”, a fire has been reported in the warehouses of the Russian railway in the center of Moscow, the capital of this country.

According to this media, the warehouses belonging to the Russian Railways in the center of Moscow in Komsomolskaya Square, also known as the Three Stations Square, caught fire on Tuesday.

Also, the Intel Republic website published a video about this in its media.

Russian Railways has sent a fire-fighting train to the area to help put out the fire. It is also stated in further reports that thick smoke can be clearly seen a few kilometers away from the place of the fire.

Now the emergency forces are moving to the scene of the accident. So far, no more information and news have been reported in this regard.


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