Production of content for the photography page with the help of Mohammad Mehdi Safari aka Otiner

Mohammad Mehdi Safri, nicknamed Otiner, is a photographer, videographer, editor, teacher of the art of photography and videography and content production. He started his photography career in 2014, and after a short period of time, in 2017, he was able to establish his own photography studio called Otiner Studio, which if you are interested in the art of photography, you have heard his name at least once.

Otiner says: “Before starting work in the field of content creation for the photography page, you need to focus on personal branding or personal branding and move forward with the plan. In fact, branding helps you identify yourself to the audience. This work It is considered the first step in the development of a photography page on Instagram. To make a difference between your photography page and other pages, you need to pay attention to the type of biography writing, post publication format, etc. in order to present a special work to users.

In Instagram, people from all over the world are members and everyone has different tastes. But all these people have focused on a common feature, which is the main subject of your work? The only person who can determine your position on Instagram is you. First, you need to determine the purpose and main topic of your page. Do you love traveling and taking photos of the beach, the sea, historical possibilities, etc.? Are you interested in portrait photography? Or do you work in the field of photographing brides and grooms and making formal clips of them?

One of the ideas of producing photography content for the Instagram page is to publish your best work. You need to know that there is a clear difference between a great artist and a good artist. The great artist only exhibits his wonderful works. Note that the photo you publish on Instagram must be the best and attract the attention of many users. Be obsessive enough in choosing photos to publish on your photography page.”


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