The software that every professional architect should know about by Morteza Seddigh

In an exclusive interview with us, Senior Doctor of Architecture, Morteza Seddigh, said that: “Architects are responsible for various aspects of building a structure or building, and for this reason, they need a lot of skills to be successful and effective in their work. One of the main features of these is knowing and using the software that I will explain below. The software not only gives order and speed to the work, but also plays a significant role in the development and professionalization of the project. Some These examples include:

1- Revit

It’s almost impossible to talk about architectural software without mentioning Revit. As one of the giants of the architecture industry, Revit allows users to provide 2D building plans and maps, 3D models and renderings. Focusing on complete and integrated models, Revit allows users to design in 3D and 4D in exterior and interior structures.

2- SketchUp

SketchUp is one of the most intuitive design software packages out there, and it’s easy to learn. As a result, you don’t need to be a CAD expert to get started. Apparently, SketchUp is used for 3D modeling. Although it can be used to create complete architectural structures, its software functionality is not the same as Allplan and Revit. This software can also provide integration of external CAD programs.

3-Try D Max

Another product produced by Autodesk, 3ds Max is mainly used in the video game industry and is also an excellent choice for architectural visualization. It is slightly more expensive than SketchUp. 3ds Max is for architects who want to take their renderings to the next level. Using it, you can create 3D visual structures and structures.

Excellent rendering capabilities, as well as modeling capabilities and flexible plugin architecture are among its notable features. You can capture your own 3D images and develop VR architectural experiences. If you are a Revit user, you can use this software alongside it. You can model your design in Revit and use 3ds Max to add finer details—preserving model geometry, lighting, and peripheral data from Revit projects.


Rhino3D is a 3D graphics and CAD software that uses the NURBS model. Rhino is a free surface modeler used in various industries from industrial design to product design and architecture. You might wonder why we didn’t classify it in 3D software. It is quite clear. Most of the 3D software we have mentioned will help you design your model and then make it real. But Rhino3D does not have this capability.”


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