Severe floods in Spain

According to the Reuters report, the Spanish authorities announced that at least 3 people died and 3 others disappeared due to unprecedented rains and floods in the central regions of the country.

According to reports, heavy floods caused the closure of roads, subway lines and high-speed trains.

The Spanish emergency service has also announced that it has sent a helicopter to rescue people who have taken refuge on the roofs in the “Toledo” area, 50 kilometers from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

At the end of Muradmah, the Canary Islands Emergency and Security Coordination Center announced that the Spanish authorities had to evacuate more than 26,000 people to safe places due to the continuation of fires in the forest areas of the island of “Tenerife”.

Officials from the autonomous government of the Canary Islands (affiliated to Spain’s central government) said the forest fires on the island of Tenerife had spread to 12,000 hectares.

Last month, thousands of people were forced to leave their homes after the fires in the Canary Islands. At that time, Spanish authorities announced that 4,000 residents of La Palma island in the Atlantic Ocean were forced to leave their homes due to a forest fire.





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