Germany’s strict rules for the use of artificial intelligence

Emphasizing that by 2035 at the latest, there will be no job that has anything to do with artificial intelligence applications, the German Minister of Labor announced the application of strict rules for various jobs.

According to the reports published by the newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, the Minister of Labor of Germany is of the opinion that it is no longer possible to stop the progress of artificial intelligence in the workplace. He announced that now he wants to eliminate the fear of the rapid development of artificial intelligence and intervene if necessary; Because according to him, where there are major risks, strong laws are necessary.

German Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Hill has announced that he wants to promote the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for millions of employees in Germany and shape it politically.

Germany will try to bring artificial intelligence to the streets, Hill said in a speech in Berlin on Monday evening. By 2035 at the latest, there will be no job that has anything to do with artificial intelligence applications.

In response to many citizens’ questions about the effects of artificial intelligence on jobs, he said: Many people were asking themselves: What effect does this really have on my work, for example, in journalism, in the office or in management? But these things do not end, but change themselves. If used well, AI can ensure that the world of work becomes more humane, preventing work-related accidents and providing healthy work.

However, he stressed, politicians should not close their eyes to the fact that this development can be abused, “for example, to intensify work, put pressure on people and fully monitor them. Where there are major risks, laws He announced that along with his company’s internal department, he would provide employees with key data protection tips.

But overall expectations are positive, according to this German official. Hill also emphasized that the bottom line is that we want to build trust and also use artificial intelligence. This applies above all to small and medium-sized companies. Artificial intelligence should become more accessible to them in the future.

He added: In addition, the use of artificial intelligence should also help make management more efficient. For example, Hill noted that the Federal Employment Agency could use artificial intelligence to better match job seekers and suitable vacancies.

In a separate part of his ministry “Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft”, experts are examining key future developments in the labor market. When presenting this section, the German Minister of Labor added in his explanation that they themselves use artificial intelligence programs. A tool called “Horizon Scan” scans around 200 million text sources to identify such trends.

At the cabinet meeting in Mesberg Castle last week, the government made a serious decision about the data strategy, and with it, it wants to create the technical and legal prerequisites for the use of artificial intelligence applications in management over the next two years.

Based on the decisions made in the future, there will be much stricter rules in Germany for monitoring, controlling or selecting employees using artificial intelligence. German Federal Interior Minister Nancy Pfizer and Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Hill both want to prevent full monitoring of employees in a new employee data protection law, Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported recently.

Germany’s digital minister has recently called for rapid EU regulations for artificial intelligence applications. He said: Artificial intelligence has entered our daily life and will fundamentally change our lives. The European Union must react quickly to this issue. Also, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior wants a clear legal framework in this regard.

AI-based programs like ChatGPT generate content with the help of AI. Users can specify commands or sentences, which the relevant systems will independently complete with the help of a large amount of Internet data.

The results of the polls also show that the majority of German citizens support stricter rules for the development of artificial intelligence.


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