Declaration of readiness of countries to help the earthquake victims of Morocco

The Minister of Justice of Maghreb announced the readiness of dozens of countries to help the earthquake victims of this country and to send rescue teams.

The Minister of Justice of Morocco said in the latest update about the recent deadly earthquake in this country: We will not stop the search and rescue operation until we are completely and definitely sure that there are no survivors or even bodies under the rubble.

According to Al Jazeera’s report, he also announced the readiness of 60 to 70 countries to help this country for rescue operations and other needed assistance.

According to the Moroccan state television, King Mohammed VI thanked Qatar, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates for their immediate aid after the earthquake.

In another news related to the earthquake in Morocco, the spokesperson of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has announced that a rescue team from this organization has arrived in Morocco and will coordinate the relief efforts to help the earthquake victims.

He also stated that the UN team is currently assessing the needs and emphasized that there is a need for search and rescue teams and more medical teams.

The deputy spokesman of Guterres added: “The main task now is to provide rescue teams to rescue people caught in the earthquake.”

Maghrebi officials say that the main challenge of the relief teams is the blocking of roads and the lack of access to some earthquake-affected areas. The spokesperson of the Maghreb government said in this regard: Rescue teams use helicopters to overcome the difficulties of reaching far places.

He also emphasized that it is currently difficult to count the number of people under the rubble and we estimate that this statistic will be stabilized soon.

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday that the number of victims of the severe earthquake in this country has increased to 2012 dead and 2059 injured.

The United States Geological Survey announced on Saturday morning that a deadly and unprecedented earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale occurred at a depth of 8 kilometers near the “Okaimden” recreation area. This area is located in the Atlas Mountains and was about 75 kilometers away from the city of Morocco, the fourth largest city in Morocco.


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