Emergency landing of passenger plane in agricultural land

Russian officials announced the emergency landing of a passenger plane in an agricultural field in the south of the country due to a technical failure in the plane’s hydraulic system.

In a full report, the Russian authorities announced that an Ural Airlines passenger plane with 170 passengers on Tuesday near the city of Novosibirsk in the south of the country had a technical failure in the hydraulic system and was forced to make an emergency landing. Fortunately, it was successful. They had a farm in an agricultural land about 200 km away from this city.

According to the Associated Press news agency, this Airbus A230 passenger plane was flying from the resort city of Sochi on the shores of the Black Sea in Russia to the city of Omsk in eastern Siberia, when the crew of the plane crashed in the middle of the route. They reported a problem in the hydraulic system. The crew also requested that the plane land at Tolmachevo airport in the city of Novosibirsk, which has a longer runway.

“Sergei Sukratov”, General Manager of the Russian Ural Airlines, said that after this request, the pilots of this plane realized that they did not have enough fuel to bring the plane to this airport and decided to land it in an agricultural land about 200 kilometers away from the city of Novosibirsk.

According to the Russian authorities, no one was seriously injured in this incident and only two passengers needed first aid due to high blood pressure and several people due to small bruises.

Pictures of this plane landing in the agricultural land have been published, which show that there was no damage to the plane and passengers. The passengers of this plane praised the skill and mastery of the crew in landing it. Russian prosecutors have quickly started an investigation into the emergency landing of this plane.

Sokratov rejected claims that this happened as a result of poor maintenance of the plane by the authorities, in addition to the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies on the pretext of the Ukraine war. These sanctions include banning the transfer of aircraft spare parts from the West to Russia.

The general manager of Ural Airlines emphasized that the company has maintained the safety of its fleet despite the sanctions that have been imposed.

In 2019, an “Airbus A321” passenger plane of Ural Airlines had to make an emergency landing in an open field after hitting a flock of birds during takeoff, which injured 74 of the 233 passengers on board. The crew of this plane was later rewarded for the emergency landing.





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