Masoud Farzi: How to listen to music well?

Most of the songs today do not have much interesting content, but they are played everywhere and everyone hears them. Some songs only have a happy rhythm and the content is zero and sometimes even negative!

Masoud Farzi says about this: “In my opinion, unlike what exists between people, no style or singer is superior to another.

In fact, I believe that music is good and worth listening to that can convey a concept and knowledge to the listener, without having a destructive effect on the listener’s soul.

Now, check the same songs that are heard in the society today, listen to their lyrics and lyrics and think about them. How many percent of them have healthy and enjoyable content? Apart from the rhythm or anything else. I don’t think there is a very special formula for recognizing good music, anyone who has listened to some music will know which music is good and which is not. But in general and very briefly, we can say that good music should have a healthy content and not have a destructive effect on the listener’s mind in the long run.”






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