Protests flared up again in France

According to Al-Mayadeen news agency, tens of thousands of people demonstrated against police violence in several French cities, including Paris, where three police officers were slightly injured after an attack that targeted their car.

According to the official statement issued by the French Ministry of Interior, about 31,300 people demonstrated across the country, of which about 9,000 were based in Paris.

This is the claim of the French Interior Ministry while the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and the LFE party announced that the number of demonstrators reached about 80,000, including 15,000 in the capital.

About 100 labor and political organizations and other groups from the working class had called for this demonstration, which received the support of more than 150 movie characters.

According to the local news agency Agence France-Presse, “After the beginning of the demonstration in the capital in a peaceful atmosphere, a demonstration was formed including hundreds of masked men who attacked the exterior of bank branches and threw stones at a police car.”

According to the police, this car, which was stuck in traffic, was attacked with an iron rod. Then, as seen in video clips posted on social media, a policeman with a weapon briefly got out of the car to disperse the demonstrators.

A police official told the French channel BFMTV: 3 of the 4 police officers who were in the car were superficially injured. We are currently trying to identify the perpetrators of this attack and three suspects have been arrested so far.

According to the report published by the French Ministry of Interior, a total of 6 people were arrested in Saturday night protests across France.






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