The unveiling of the newest competitor of ChatGPT

Chinese tech giant Baidu unveiled the latest version of its artificial intelligence (AI) model, Ernie 4.0, and said its capabilities are on par with GPT’s chat capabilities, according to a Reuters news report.

Robin Lee, the company’s CEO, introduced Erin4 during an event in Beijing. He showed the model creating promotional posters and videos.

Baidu, the owner of China’s largest internet search engine, is at the forefront of the country’s artificial intelligence models. In March, the company launched an Erin-powered chatbot called Erin Bot. This artificial intelligence robot has unique abilities and is considered a capable competitor for American models. By 2030, the use of Erinbot in China is expected to develop significantly.

In August, Baidu was among a number of companies that received government approval to offer artificial intelligence products to the public. China currently has at least 130 large language models (LLMs), covering 40% of the world’s languages.







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