Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur according to Vahid Saleh Beigi

The word “entrepreneur” is about three hundred years old, and the first people who paid attention to this word and the concept of entrepreneurship were economists. People like Richard Cantillon and Adam Smith used the term entrepreneur in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Although some people have been called entrepreneurs for about three hundred years, entrepreneurship as we know it today has only been formed for about a century.

Vahid Saleh Beigi says in this context: “A successful entrepreneur is someone who designs a business model and then successfully implements it. Entrepreneurs are great and risky people who are generally interested in influencing and solving problems around them.

Some of the characteristics of the best entrepreneurs in the world, in my opinion, include the following:
Have a strong philosophical and religious motivation to start an economic activity. Be self-confident and confident. Believing that victory and defeat have a cause and most of it depends on the person himself. have independence of opinion and have the ability to make decisions according to the location and time conditions. Have the necessary patience and endurance to resist the problems. Have a spirit of hard work and continuous effort to achieve goals. Have a spirit of criticism. Pay attention to physical, intellectual, mental health and mental health in the work environment. Be flexible and responsible. Have the spirit of dividing work and delegating authority, as well as having the spirit and ability to defend subordinate employees. Prefer collective benefits over personal resources. Establish a fair system of payment and promotion of salaries and wages based on merit.”


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