UN request for an immediate ceasefire

Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stressed in a statement that the first step should be an immediate humanitarian ceasefire that would save civilian lives through the rapid and effective delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

He added that humanity should be a priority and emphasized that many civilians, including many children, were killed in the war between Hamas and the Zionist regime.

Volker Turk also emphasized that the actions of the Zionist regime to prevent civilians from benefiting from basic services are a form of collective punishment and are in conflict with international laws.

He added that if more aid such as fuel, medicine, food and water does not reach the residents of Gaza in the coming days or even hours, more people will die of hunger, thirst and lack of medical care.

This UN official expressed concern about the lives of people living in the Gaza Strip, including the staff of his team and the staff of the UN.

In this regard, the United Nations General Assembly is scheduled to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the war between Hamas and the Zionist regime.


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