France is deploying the military to deal with the aftermath of the summer’s mass protests

After protests and widespread unrest in the summer, France wants to hold young criminals and their parents to account on an ongoing basis, according to the reports of “Pasayer Noye Presse”. Based on the decisions made, the army of this country is supposed to teach discipline and values to the people accused of committing crimes who participated in these protests.

In this way, about four months after serious protests in France, the government wants to take tougher measures and hold young criminals and their parents accountable.

In a speech in Paris, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne said parents should be held responsible for harming their children, fines should be increased and the use of the military to teach discipline and values to young offenders should be tried.

He also stressed that if social media played a role in these crimes, the perpetrators should receive a six-month ban.

The French Prime Minister also announced widespread support for young people and families in deprived suburbs where protests took place after the death of a teenager during a police stop at the end of June. He said: care and leisure activities for young people should be expanded. Schools should operate during the summer holidays for weaker students and educational opportunities should be increased.

Bourne promised municipalities 100 million euros to repair the massive damage caused by the protests. After the death of 17-year-old Nahel in a police shooting, accusations of police brutality and systematic racism were raised in France, and widespread protests against French police brutality and government took place.

The French Prime Minister did not mention possible police reforms in his speech. He only said that there should be more police on the streets and that local police should be given broad powers.


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