Roy Keane: Bruno doesn’t deserve to be captain

The former captain of the Red Devils criticized Bruno Fernandes after the defeat in the Manchester derby and did not consider him worthy of captaining the team.

According to the Daily Mail reports, Manchester United was humiliated in the big derby of Manchester city and lost with the result of 3-0 against the citizens, so that the situation becomes very difficult for Ten Hach and his students.

After the game, Roy Keane harshly criticized Bruno Fernandez and said: Today, after seeing another game from Bruno Fernandez, I came to the conclusion that the armband should be taken from him without a doubt. Unfortunately, they took the armband from Harry Maguire and gave it to Bruno Fernandes, but this player is not worthy to be captain in Manchester United.

He continued: “There is no doubt that Bruno is a very talented and good player, but today I once again saw him sitting on the field and raising his hands in protest.” This is not acceptable at all. He is a good and big player but he does not have the marks of a captain and the armband should be taken from him.

With this defeat, Manchester United remained 15 points to be in the eighth place in the standings. Meanwhile, Manchester City was ranked third with 24 points.





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