Zidane broke his silence

According to the official articles of Daily Mirror, during his time in Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane showed that he is a great coach and can shine in the world of coaching as well as in his football career and get very good results.

Zidane had brilliant days with the Real Madrid team and was able to lead this team to the European Champions League championship three times in a row in his first coaching experience.

This popular French figure has not managed any team despite the many offers he has had in recent years. Manchester United officially made an offer to Zidane in 2021, but despite his separation from Real, he refused to go to the Red Devils.

Zidane broke his silence and spoke about the reason for rejecting various offers in recent years, including Manchester United’s offer, and said: “When I was a player, I could join any team, but this is not the case in coaching.” I can only work in two or three teams.

He continued: For example, language is a barrier. People tell me why I don’t go to Manchester United. I don’t speak English well and that’s a problem. Some coaches go to countries where they don’t understand their language, but I have a different view and I can’t do that.

The disappointing results of the Red Devils with Tenhach have caused the discussion of Zidane’s presence in this team to be raised once again, but this comment by Zizou showed that he has no desire to play in the Premier League.





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