Familiarity with different types of modeling with the help of Rebecca Ghaderi

Rebecca Ghaderi is a bachelor’s degree in clothing and fashion design, who started her modeling career at a young age and has now established her own brand in Turkey. For the first time, at the age of 13, she faced the encouragement and support of her family to participate in modeling by publishing her photos in different poses. Her activity as a makeup and clothing model with different Iranian maisons made her face more known. This was the beginning of her professional activities abroad and finally she decided to continue her activity abroad as a model in the international arena. Now, along with modeling activities with international faces, she has established her own brand called Rebecca Ghaderi Collection, which has been well received by people.

Rebecca said: “Like any profession, there are many different types of fashion modeling. Modeling for photo shoots and catalog prints is one of the most common types of modeling. Models who work for print media such as magazines and catalogs wear different clothes or While applying makeup products, they pose in front of the photographer’s camera, often requiring them to hold several different poses for long periods of time and stay still.
Live modeling is another popular type of fashion modeling. In this type of modeling, live models usually have to walk while wearing, for example, clothes from a collection and display them in front of a large audience. Some live models may even need to interact with specific objects in their environment. Some models may only model with certain parts of their body, such as hands or feet. Like models whose hands are used to display a ring.

There are no specific educational requirements to become a model, but the best way to enter the industry professionally is to participate in modeling classes. Of course, modeling classes never guarantee that a person will eventually work as a professional model, but it facilitates the way to a full-fledged model. In modeling school, aspiring models often learn a variety of skills that can help them become a modeling professional. For example, most modeling schools teach models how to dress and behave. While attending modeling school, some people slowly gain the confidence needed to become a successful model.

Most models usually work with modeling agencies. These types of agencies act as intermediaries for models and potential clients. In fact, many fashion designers do not hire models unless they are represented by modeling agencies. A model can also work as a freelancer instead of working with a modeling agency, which will, of course, have a harder time to succeed.

These days, social networks have made it much faster and more accessible for talent to be seen. Many talent seekers in modeling agencies attach great importance to social networks such as Instagram and TikTok. If modeling is your dream career, take your Instagram page seriously and look at it as a portfolio, which is very important and key for your future career.


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