PixelPlex Announces Its Polkadot Blockchain Development and Consulting Services


New York City, New York Apr 14, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – PixelPlex, a renowned and leading software development and IT consulting company, recently announced that it now offers Polkadot blockchain development and consultancy. The company recognizes Polkadot as one of the next big things of the Web3 world and now boasts of being able to connect and build Polkadot services, network layers, dApps that will help its clients achieve unthinkable growth.

The company promises to use the power of Polkadot to actively handle the functional challenges of data interchange between different blockchains. In other words, PixelPlex is looking to equip its customers with the superpowers of Polkadot.

The company now provides custom instruments for scalable cross-blockchain transactions through platforms like Polkadot cryptocurrency DEX, OTC trade services, transaction matching tools, custodial service integration, etc. PixelPlex hopes to help its clients impress the blockchain world through existing Polkadot projects audits, tokenomics planning, tech integration and support, and whitepaper development.

Its Polkadot dApps development services include business-specific logic design, gateway, and API development, secure extension and utility engineering, DApp-to-blockchain integration, and many more.

PixelPlex also provides Polkadot NFT and marketplace development services and offers you the amazing privilege to get into the high-margin token market with the NFTs version 2.0. It has also been split into fungible tokens such as Multi-resource NFTs, NFT fractionalization, Colored coin-based NFTs, and NFT infrastructure setup to enable partial ownership.

Ultimately, PixelPlex’s goal with this new service is to help its clients create Polkadot projects that will not just improve workflow but would also let them thrive among the fierce competition.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a leader in innovative blockchain technology development which is bent on providing solutions to companies and industries through DeFi, IoT, AR/VR technologies. They also render services like web and mobile app development and consultancy.


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