Think Tribe’s Survey Shows 51% of CIOs and CFOs Prefer Cloud ERP


Think Tribe has surveyed CIOs and CFOs in the region and discovered that over 51% prefer to use Cloud-based ERPs over standard On-Premise solutions.

Not only do CIOs prefer Cloud ERP, but CFOs love the idea that Cloud ERP is empowered by Artificial Intelligence which can automate routine financial management jobs and cut dependence on custom reports.

Zia Manna, Founder and Director of Think Tribe says, “Cloud ERP deployment enables financial specialists to get reports faster and more efficiently by eliminating the need to gather and utilize multiple spreadsheets. That’s what makes it so attractive to CFOs.”

Another benefit for companies using Cloud ERP is the low maintenance. All maintenance that is needed can be handled by reaching out to the Cloud ERP provider‘s customer service and they will solve any issue for you.

If all the required information is integrated into the cloud, the need to integrate several departments’ data “SILO” is less than in other traditional ERP scenarios.

Steve Raju, Founder and Director of Think Tribe, says “Regulatory compliance is another related factor pushing CIOs to the Cloud ERP. All of the regulations and policies have to be automated, and AI-driven reporting will dramatically cut the time and resources needed to meet all compliance requirements.”

Businesses that choose the cloud over On-Premises deployment can tap into lower-cost computing power at any given time. This will mean companies could find new profit opportunities.

Risk management is yet another top priority for the CFOs (close to 37% ranked it so). AI-driven ERP can help corporate leadership determine what a company’s risk is in any given scenario, as well as the level of risk a company is willing to accept.

Mallesh Reddy, General Manager of Think Tribe says, “Cloud-based ERP systems can use machine learning to help customers not only run their existing operations more efficiently but identify potential threats and the next best plan of action.”

Instant upgrades are another perk. Instead of purchasing and installing new software as soon as an update is released, cloud software services will automatically update you without any hassle or any time wasted.

The combination of powerful cloud infrastructure and smart software could lead to truly expert systems that can guide companies to make the best decisions by using the best data and best infrastructure available.

Cloud ERP offers mobility and accessibility to where leadership is able to download the software onto multiple devices (such as tablets, phones, and laptops), and keep track of the company’s progress and growth in real-time. This is one of the most convenient features that Cloud ERP has to offer.

Think Tribe Technology LLC is an ERP service provider based in the UAE. Its mission is to provide ERP solutions that are customized to clients’ requirements. To learn more about Think Tribe or Cloud-based ERP, please visit

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