Top Flite Financial – Credit Scores down to 500!


Top Flite claims that credit score alone is not the best indicator to determine a borrowers ability to repay

Richmond Heights, Missouri Apr 30, 2022 ( – Over the last 6 years, Top Flite Financial’s Consumer Direct Division guided by Todd Feager and Dave Bray has proven to at least themselves that a borrower’s credit score is not the most important factor when determining a borrower’s ability to repay a loan.

Feager said:

We pay more attention to their previous mortgage history and the overall financial picture of the borrower at the time of application.

If they have been paying their mortgage on time and we can also improve their position with the new loan, they are going to be in an even better position to continue making their payments on time. Everybody wins”

Top Flite Financial offers a secure mobile app to help streamline the application and document collection process.

Borrowers can apply online via their custom Hole N1 Mortgage App/Portal:

NMLS# 4181 | Branch NMLS# 1035759

Source :Top Flite Financial, Inc.





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