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The BBB-accredited acupuncture clinic, led by Dr. Jason Tsing, now offers a comprehensive suite of chronic pain treatments for anything from chronic lower back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, to chronic pain syndrome.

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Vitality Wellness Clinic, winner of a 2022 FindaTopDoc award for ‘Excellence in Medicine’, now treats patients with both conventional acupuncture and the one-needle technique, which combines Western and traditional Chinese medicine – TCM – to activate the body’s self-healing process more effectively, often producing immediate pain relief.

The acupuncture services market in the U.S. is growing at almost 7% annually, while the entire acupuncture market globally – including materials – is accelerating at double that rate. Its rising popularity in the United States and Europe is due largely to improved messaging in an environment where complementary medicine as a whole has seen a spike in interest. In the case of acupuncture specifically, a large body of scientific evidence continues to accumulate, verifying its efficacy as a treatment for various conditions – 25 years after it was first officially recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Today, acupuncture is covered by many insurance policies, particularly for pain management.

Trained by the godfather of acupuncture – Dr. Wu Wei Ping, Dr. Tsing specializes in the one-needle technique to treat specific pain-related conditions for which this treatment is especially effective. This treatment method also promotes physical health and helps to eliminate stress and to increase the patient’s energy levels. The type of needle used in this technique, imported exclusively from China, is different from typical acupuncture needles. However, depending on the patient’s condition, regular acupuncture treatments, requiring multiple needles – between 8 and 12 – may be deemed advisable, after the initial consultation.

Vitality Wellness Clinic also offers treatments for sports injuries, allergies, infertility, addiction, and weight regulation. In addition, the clinic provides cosmetic acupuncture therapies, which use needles to increase the body’s collagen production in order to improve skin quality and speed up acne and scar healing. The procedure hydrates the skin from the inside out, leveling out the complexion, increasing suppleness, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This also increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system in the same manner that popular micro-needling techniques do – but causes much less trauma.

One patient commented: “Zareena owns an amazing practice. Dr. Tsing has an incredible way of listening and tending to my needs. I would recommend them to any and everybody who needs acupuncture for pain.”

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