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Maharashtra, India May 13, 2022 ( – Physics Alert brings you the best science and technology-based news service where users are able to get all the latest information. The platform offers current affairs, research, case studies, and applications based on various subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and even more subcategories of nanotechnology, space, electronics, computer science, engineering, and the list goes on. The platform offers daily information based on various incidents around the world. All the information and data are regularly updated to ensure all the readers are able to know only proven facts. The factual information is collected from credible sources and thus, the articles can be utilized for both, research purposes and studies.

Physics Alert is not just a platform but a community that embraces the dynamic side of science and its development around the world. It is one of the most user-friendly and informative platforms that thrives to empower all the students, researchers, teachers, and anyone with a passion and curiosity to know about new scientific stuff. The dedicated workforce behind this platform works round the clock the feature all the latest scientific news from around the globe.

All the news and articles are categorized into 6 different topics as Physics, Astronomy & Space, Technology, Chemistry, Earth, and last but not the least, PLANTS & ANIMALS. Through subcategories, the readers are able to find more articles and news based on subjects. The educational and informative platform is making a difference in the market by spreading all the scientific data among the mass. It is a free platform and costs absolutely nothing to offer important scientific knowledge. It is a perfect companion for everyone who has a knack for science and technology. Know more about Physics Alert by visiting the website at





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