Skincare with Dr. Amir Feily a well-known Iranian dermatologist

As the only Iranian dermatologist with the original checkmark and the most followed Iranian physician on Instagram with over one million followers,

Dr. Amir Feily presents two key solutions for proper skincare and rejuvenation.

“There are only two ways to achieve this goal and no more,” he says, “first, properly taking care of your skin to delay the aging process (prevention), second, to cure aging signs with effective methods (treatment).

We have heard so many times that “prevention is more important than treatment”.

This cliché might be the most fundamental key to our health which applies to our physical beauty as well.

The best way to maintain a beautiful skin is to properly take care of it.

If you look after your skin from an early age and protect it from harmful agents, you can delay the aging process. So,

if you have not yet seen any aging signs or even if it has just started and is concerning you, take preventative advice more seriously.

We will discuss these methods in the following but if you are already experiencing skin aging be aware that this is an inevitable fact in old age, however, not properly taking care of the skin can push this process forward.

Normally facial lines become deeper and skin sagging starts in the mid-30s but following our guidelines can delay this process for up to 10-15 years.

If aging signs appear, skincare methods should be continued to slow down this process.

There are also treatment methods available to improve skin conditions.

You just need to choose the best rejuvenation procedure for your skin to eradicate these signs and enjoy its freshness again.

First, we mention some preventive methods, and then you will be able to find rejuvenation procedures and choose what is best for your skin.

Prevention: skincare basics

This is a very wide subject but, in this section, we have tried to present you with the most important and effective methods.

Ten recommendations mentioned below,

form the basics of skincare which need to be taken seriously and followed regardless of the current skin condition otherwise the best rejuvenation methods would be worthless.

Apply sunscreen every day no matter how long the sun exposure time is or how the weather condition is.

It should become your routine like brushing your teeth.

Use high-quality “broad spectrum” sunscreens with a minimum SPF of 30 or above.

This will protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation.

UVA radiation can directly cause skin aging.

Remember to apply sunscreen to any part of your body that is not covered with clothes.

Do not tan.

This is the biggest mistake in skincare practices which is mostly seen in young women.

Tanning means exposing the skin to dangerous UV radiation. This is actually what causes the darkness.

Remember that solarium also uses UV light.

This light can cause a change of color, skin blemishes, and destroys skin’s collagen and elastin fibers.

Solarium can easily neutralize the effects of best skin rejuvenation methods.

Wear sunglasses. This will not only protect your eyes from sunlight but also the delicate skin around them including the eyelids.

Using sunglasses also prevents you from squinting which can eventually lead to permanent crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes.

Do not smoke cigarettes.

Tobacco consumption can accelerate collagen fibers degeneration and prevent the skin from receiving necessary nutrients and oxygen by stenosis of the veins.

You should quit smoking to be able to successfully follow rejuvenation procedures.

Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol consumption leads to skin dehydration and eventually permanent damages.

Do not repeatedly lose and gain weight.

Constantly losing and gaining weight which is known as the “yoyo diet”, is very harmful to the skin.

This can cause skin sagging and degeneration of its sebaceous glands and on the other hand, imposes too much stress on the body.

Gently rinse your skin. Scrubbing the skin harshly can cause inflammation.

Skin redness and cheeks blushing after this act is a sign of inflammation which can speed up the aging process.

So do it gently and use appropriate facial cleansers for your face.

Wash your face twice a day and after severe sweating.

Almost all of us are exposed to air pollutants and sweat every day which can also cause skin inflammation.

So, you need to wash your face at least twice a day regularly and every time after severe exercise or exposure to high temperatures.

Do not forget about skin hydrants and moisturizing creams.

These products can help the skin to maintain its water. Dehydration is one of the key factors in skin aging and degeneration.

So, take this advice seriously and try to rinse your face with mild cleansers and apply moisturizing agents every night before going to bed.

Use retinol or retinoids. This is an important preventative method and also the best skin rejuvenation procedure for younger people.

These two agents which are different forms of vitamin A, maintain skin freshness and prevent its aging.

Retinoids need a doctor’s prescription while retinol products can be easily found over the counter.





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