Mohamed Al-Masry, founder of the Kings of Social Media Group. A group that specializes in providing all social media ser


6th of October City, Cairo May 30, 2022 ( – Mohamed El-Masry Founder of the Kings of Social Media Group. It is a group that specializes in all social media services and currently manages many of the largest pages on the social networking site, and also has a personal page on social media, and has a lot of followers interested in his writings and interacting with him. With them.

With a focus on social networking pages. Mohamed El-Masry’s specialty. In creating and expanding social networking pages to reach the largest audience, because he specializes in the field of the Internet and networks.

Education Mohamed Al-Masry graduated from the Faculty of Information and Systems. He specialized in the field of the Internet and networks, and his interest in social networking sites made him create pages on social networking sites at a small beginning, and his interest in them made them spread quickly, which led to the increase in the popularity of his pages.

Muhammad Al-Masry was famous for providing Internet services and social networking sites, creating groups on social networking sites to provide services, and was famous for his ingenuity in this work, as he provided services to many personal pages and accounts by creating them, increasing their followers, promoting and managing them, and he has a personal page on networking sites The social network has a lot of followers and those interested in social networking services, and there is a whole team working under its management, and Mohamed Al-Masry aspires to establish a large company specialized in providing Internet services and he began to realize his dream and soon he will put his company in the market for the old Internet service.

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