TROPTIONS A Misunderstood Token – It’s not Speculation


New York , NY, United States, 30th May 2022, King NewsWire, The methodology of driving the price of a cryptocurrency can vary. When a cryptocurrency is considered speculative, it is driven by news, endorsements, influencers, and media marketing. Speculative assets may have some real-world underpinnings that add substance to the value of the asset, but it is more about the promotion than it is the facts. Some cryptocurrencies, like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin were started for the novelty of the idea, they have sustained their existence long enough to build credibility

A trade coin or token like TROPTIONS is quite different because it is not driven by hype and marketing. There is something quite real that lies at the core of the concept. A spendable currency like TROPTIONS has immense credibility that proves its value with each and every trade or transaction that is made. The blockchain tracks every transaction made within the system. These transactions are akin to the cashflow of a typical business. Apart from the hard assets of the business, there are the soft assets of customers, money flow, and future earnings expectation. These financial amounts are very important to the valuation of any token.

Spendable cryptocurrency like TROPTIONS is the ultimate “Proof of Use” because people are transacting business with cryptocurrency.

What is now needed is a deliberate and well-funded effort to popularize this new generation of cryptocurrency. As more communities adopt the concept of spendable cryptocurrency, we see growing integration of these transaction in multiple businesses. As the adoption of the cryptocurrency spreads business to business and customers are engaged to buy with cryptocurrency, the circulation of this new digital currency adds volume to the spending at every level.

We can sell and buy with more than cash. Use gold, silver, or trading a car repair for $500 in meals at the owner’s restaurant. Such exchanges allow business to happen even when there is no cash in the deal.

People find it difficult to understand TROPTIONS because it has been used as a barter or trade token. Even though bartering and trading have been used for thousands of years, suppose you needed milk, you may exchange some tools with your neighbor in exchange for some milk for your family. This is known as bartering, which is the exchange of one thing for another. Crypto currency was designed to barter, trade, or go peer to peer, which is all of the above, and to remove the intermediary, ie: banks, governments, and anybody else who could come in your way or have control over your transaction.

Why in the world wouldn’t any business accept cryptocurrency that can be spent with other business? Or is there even more confidence when that spendable cryptocurrency can be easily converted to cash? This is the watershed moment in time. When stores increasingly accept well-developed digital currency that can be recycled through money other transactions, there is now a new economy at work.

A dollar bill is an inanimate piece of paper that works because people and businesses BELIEVE in its value. So, what happens when there is a new BELIEF that TROPTIONS digital currency is reliable, spendable, and has sufficient value for the needs of people and business? If we can buy goods and services with TROPTIONS and it can be quickly converted to cash for the businesses, it is a believable and worthy currency in the place of cash. This is not speculation! TROPTIONS are a growing reality that others can adopt to improve their life.

 The TROPTIONS ECO System is beginning to be put together by the thousands of TROPTIONS holders around the world. The TROPTIONS ECO System is fast and easy for any Merchant to sign up without a dime out of their pockets and transfers the cash in real time, which means the money is moved to the merchants account within seconds of the time the transaction is complete at NO Fee to the Merchants, saving merchants thousands of dollars each and every year.

Right now, there is a huge open door for those who want to make big money helping their community better! Contact us today so we can help you get started in helping your community or business grow.

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