The New Single User by Intelligent Diva focuses on People Using Others by Emotional Manipulation


Intelligent Diva Releases Her New Single “User” while also spreading awareness to emotional manipulation

Jacksonville, Florida May 31, 2022 ( – It’s true everyone gets used by someone. However, when you’re constantly being used by someone for their own personal gain it’s just not cool. The emotions of being used are definitely felt in the new single “User” by Intelligent. The bars are fierce and clear, and it’s something that everyone can relate to.

Intelligent Diva tells us the single was triggered by a personal experience of yourself, and personal experiences that she had witnessed. My focus is on having and maintaining healthy relationships. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is on the job, among family members, friends, or people that you don’t know. She tells us the situation really took a toll on her and she decided to seek counseling to learn about the behavior of the person because it appeared to be consistent. She learned in the past that once she was able to recognize the behavior of a person’s personality and what a person was capable of doing. It made it easier to walk away. Manipulation is a tactic that is used to influence a person in order to get another person to do something they want them to do.

We’ve all used the power of manipulation in our lives. People often use mind games to seek control or power over you, and you might not realize it, but they are being emotionally manipulative. The ultimate goal of such manipulation is for someone to seek control or an unfair advantage over their partner. You must keep in mind these people could be doing this unconsciously and don’t even realize it. It can result in therapy for both parties being needed. The manipulator needs the therapy to uncover their issues and the victim needs therapy to recognize the signs, to also learn how to deal with the manipulator, and move on. Emotional manipulation can harm your relationships.

Intelligent Diva has witnessed where it has turned healthy relationships sour and it caused a lot of irreparable damage. Some people fear speaking out to their manipulators and not telling them how they feel. Because they fear the person has a temper and they are afraid of them. Then when the person is no longer with us, you learn the person didn’t share their fears with their manipulator. Instead, they shared their feelings with other family members in friends. The wounds created through emotional manipulation fester and can worsen over time.

Emotional Manipulation can result in the following:

  • Create a lack of trust
  • Create insecurity
  • Miscommunication
  • Misunderstandings.
  • Cause low self-esteem.
  • Impact one’s sense of safety.
  • negative communication.

It’s often in the mindset of the manipulator to use these tactics for their own benefit, and when they do this, they don’t care who they hurt. Manipulators constantly miscommunicate conversations to the person they want to manipulate in order to get their attention and focus on them. It’s often done to separate and divide people so that all of the focus is on them. However, this is where you have to use common sense not to allow your relationships to be tarnished by 3rd parties. People often use it for financial gain, and to get others to side with them. Just results in a lot of negativities. The song User and the marketing behind user identify the acts of a User, and also what you should do when finding that you are being emotionally abused. Intelligent Diva shares how she felt when she was being used. She tells us it doesn’t just touch on her; it touches on multiple situations in the song. Her goal was to make it general so that everyone can relate to it.

The artist tells us this song was very different for her. She always wanted to do an urban rhythmic song, and she finally was able to accomplish that. The goal was to expand her range where she sounds like different people in the song from the leads to background vocals to the lyrics. This time the experience was different. She tells us that it was different because everyone she worked with was across the globe on the project. The artist likes to use various contractors on her projects because it’s a source of employment for people to showcase their skills and talent. The project timelines were tight, and the intent was the release the project in early May. However, she pushed the project out to the end of May.

The artist also has a 3d animated video in the works for the new single User which is scheduled to be released in the middle of June. Her singles “Sinner’s Prayer and Baby I Love You hit the Billboard Chart. The user had to be different where she’s showing the audience that not only is she serious about her music. But she’s constantly improving as an independent artist with her own label.

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