Central Mountain Coffee will host events to promote their newly launched premium Kubbees


Central Mountain Coffee has expanded itself as a family business in the US. It offers the best gourmet coffees, teas, and cocoa from the region of Colombia. Recently, they are holding events in the following summers.

Popayan Colombia, United States, 31st May 2022, King NewsWire, CMC is a family-owned and operated company situated in the United States. The company imports Colombia’s most valuable specialty gourmet coffees, teas, and cocoa. The objective of CMC is to bring the highest-quality products to customers worldwide, such as Premium coffee and instant cubes made from sugar cane, coffee, tea, and cocoa. CMC aspires to provide the world with a one-of-a-kind coffee from Cauca, Colombia’s southwest area, located between the Andes Mountains ranges and the Colombian flowerbed.

For years, Central Mountain Coffee and its partner Wikilok SAS have collaborated with award-winning and indigenous Colombian producers. They have a track record of being ecologically conscious and sustainable. The family partnership has aided in improving the lives of the farmers with whom they collaborate. CMC has been a terrific resource for procuring specialty coffee and delivering Colombia tours and coffee workshops.

In a recent development, throughout the summer, Central Mountain Coffee will host various events to help introduce their newly launched product Kubbees to new markets in Latin America and the United States. The business collaborates to bring the innovative new product Kubbees to market, which they facilitated and manufactured in Colombia. 

Kubbees are a brewed Colombian specialty drink that comes in a cube. Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa are currently available. They are a direct trade company that works with several Colombian farmers, and their products are manufactured with organic and natural components. They have even appeared on QVC.

After the pandemic episode, the founders of CMC decided to shift their attention to individuals interested in products available on the online site. They already had a terrific product that they were offering for individuals trying to save time and money, and it was perfect for their online store, where customers could shop whenever and wherever they wanted.

Kubbees are currently available in a variety of places as well as online at Amazon and Walmart. They’re continuously on the lookout for new distributors with whom they can collaborate and flourish their business further in the global market. Customers should watch out for Kubbees in the marketplace this summer and fall and give them a try. Companies interested in any partners’ products are encouraged to contact them.

Visit the Amazon store to shop and the website for further information.  


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