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The revised penetration testing solutions simulate an attacker targeting both external and internal vulnerabilities. Areas reviewed can include operation systems, firewalls, web servers, web applications, and more.

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Each year, data loss and/or ransomware attacks place a significant financial burden on New York businesses. Unfortunately, cyberattacks are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. The enhanced penetration testing services from 2Secure Corp have been developed in response to the latest threats, and provide local companies with an affordable, outsourced solution.

A recent report from Forbes highlighted some of the emerging cybersecurity threats in 2022. They include more advanced ransomware attacks, exploitation of 5G vulnerabilities, remote environment attacks, and synthetic identities. Statistics in the report showed that over 70% of cyberattacks are financially motivated.

Of course, data remains the key target for most attackers. With that in mind, 2Secure’s enhanced penetration assessment services focus on identifying entry points that an attacker may use to access data. From an external/internet facing perspective, these can include open services on servers, network devices such as routers and firewalls, and web application weaknesses.

When undertaking penetration testing, the Firm now deploys a combination of automated, manual, and hybrid techniques, depending on business requirements and budget. More specifically, 2Secure states that its hybrid approach offers the cost-effective advantages of automation, while also helping identify hidden attacks with selective use of manual configuration.

About 2Secure Corp

Founded by president and CEO Yigal Behar in 2003, 2Secure Corp retains an exclusive focus on the cyber security field. This allows the Firm to respond to emerging threats in a more agile manner, while also offering clients some of the latest data security technologies. In addition to penetration testing, the Firm offers ransomware attack simulations, vulnerability assessments, managed defense, and more.

One business client recently stated: “I have been working with this company for many years and have only had excellent service. They handle all of my company’s security and networking and they are professional and reliable. Whenever new updates are introduced, 2Secure is the first company to provide the service needed to keep us going.”

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