Electronic Dance performers Project Rye present Are You Real


an emotional joyride and wildly eclectic voyage of tremendous ambition; Showcasing the bands ability to fill an industry void with their authentically expressive approach to crafting distinct artistry arriving May 30, 2022.

Tampa, FL, United States, 2nd Jun 2022, King NewsWire

Discover Are You Real by Project Rye 

Project Rye has a mesmerizing style that persuasively blends pop and electric with varying emotional states from joyous to dismal with everything in between. At times subverting attention from confronting issues of mental health awareness to make you boogie while relentlessly exaggerating the topic at others. Project Rye newest release Are You Real a six song EP revolving around pain, heartbreaks and a complete range of experinciable emotions on May 30, 2022. Visit https://projectrye.bandcamp.com/ to browse the Project Rye discography which includes the titles, Ryan Cosmonaught, Dead Dark Slide and Space King ,Cosmic Punch and Idiot Robot.

About Project Rye 

Ryan Michalski is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who comes from a small town in New Jersey called Ringwood where he has lived for over 25 years. Raised on the popularity of the 90’s alternative Rock generation during which he developed a taste for indie-Rock & alternative Rock music. Since 1996 when he attended art school he also dabbled in public access television and other projects; for a majority of twenty years he’s been writing, recording and releasing music under several alias’ and emerging again in Project Rye. In 2013 Ryan Michalski released Ninth Moon an upbeat indie-rock alternative song about daydreaming and being distant in a world of your own making. With a great pop rock 90’s rhythm and nostalgic appeal operating as a fine representation as Ryan Michalski’s many talents.

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Media Contact

Media Contact: Project Rye

Contact Person: ryan

Email: Send Email

State: FL

City: Tampa

Country: United States

Website: https://projectrye.bandcamp.com/

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