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Whether members are new parents wanting to spend more time with their family or planning a career switch, the training shows them how to build a profitable business from scratch. The recently expanded program is effective across various fields and allows anyone to build a business centered on things they enjoy.

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Entrepreneurs signing up for the newly updated course will discover a detailed system for finding their niche, building a website, and managing their business from home. Step-by-step guidance is provided and ensures that anyone can succeed if they put in the work, even if they have no prior experience.

Site owner Azzy explains that she used to work as a brand manager but wasn’t finding fulfillment in her work. This was compounded by the stress she experienced at work and the lack of flexibility. She is now revealing the training that helped her to quit this job and build a successful business online.

She hopes to inspire others to follow her lead and highlights the effectiveness of the 15-Day Online Business Challenge as a way to create and grow a business quickly. Anyone, including complete beginners, can follow the exact steps to build their own business.

Anyone signing up for the course will discover several high-ticket business models. The program also encompasses a range of bonuses, including high-converting scripts and templates, as well as a personal 1-on-1 business plan consultation with an advisor from the team.

Training is provided for lead generation, copywriting, sales and presenting, and outsourcing. Business owners will also learn how to use email marketing to build a list and connect with their customers.

Azzy states: “This is an educational platform that’s going to teach you how to start your business from the ground up with the right foundation, how to scale up, and how to get to the next level. It is literally for beginners and I had no idea how to do anything online until I went through this program, so that’s who this program is for.”

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Disclaimer: This is not a “get-rich-quick overnight” scheme, but a business opportunity for those willing to put in the work.

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