Texas Drug Rehab Options More Accessible Thanks to Substance Abuse Service Accommodation Provider


Substance abuse accommodation provider “Southwest Fly High” is doing its part to make Texas drug rehab and other state recovery options available by helping to provide important services to individuals entering out of state rehab.

Dallas, Texas Jun 2, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Southwest Fly High, a leading substance abuse treatment accommodation provider, recently announced that it has made Texas drug rehab options more accessible to those living outside of the state. The company provides discount airfare and lodging accommodations to people flying out of state for rehab.

A New Service for Out of State Rehab Attendees

All it takes is a simple online search for “vacation” or “recreation” for a plethora of airline, hotel, transportation, and activity services to manifest on the first page of Google. If you’re going on vacation or visiting family, you can find any service or accommodation you need right there from page one without even doing much research.

However, you don’t see anything in the way of an all-inclusive platform for people attending rehab out of state. This is especially surprising, considering the potential services and accommodations these individuals require.

Highlighting Texas Drug Rehab Options With More States to Come

Landing on the website, you’ll find multiple options for airfare, train travel, vehicle rentals, transfer services, bicycle and scooter rentals, hotel bookings, and even a service that allows you to search for and purchase tickets for local entertainment and tourist attractions. It’s the Travelocity for people attending out-of-state rehab.

An Out of State Rehab Service At the Right Time

Their Texas drug rehab options and other out-of-state services indeed come at the right time, with more people requiring and entering substance abuse treatment centers now more than ever. The official totals for 2021 drug overdose deaths were released recently, and the numbers soared to nearly a record 110,000, up from 97,000 the year before, which was also an all-time high.

In a direct response to the uptick of addiction issues across the United States, SAMHSA has awarded $825 million in funding to Community Mental Health Centers and rehabilitation service providers. This funding and services like the one provided by SW Fly High are critical in softening the blow delivered by addiction. However, according to comments from SW Fly High co-founder Tobius Beecher, it’s an ongoing war won in the trenches.

Help Starts At Home

Co-founder of SW Fly High, Tobius Beecher, had this to say of the program and the nation’s ongoing battle against the opioid epidemic, “You know, these changes start at the bottom, at the home level. It takes a grass-roots approach to make a difference when the problem is this big. You certainly can’t arrest all the people who make these substances available to addicts on the streets – Ronald Reagan’s War On Drugs proved that. However, if you can reach people on an individual level, that help spreads to neighborhoods, communities, cities, and states and eventually goes nationwide. It takes a lot of hard work, and you’ve got to remain proactive.”

How the Texas Drug Rehab and Other Out of State Rehab Initiative Started at SW Fly High

We sat down and talked with Tobius for a while, a man who is passionate about his organization’s goals and direction. Beecher lost his brother to substance abuse a decade ago, a scar that he says will never go away or permanently heal.

However, he stated that he’d made it his life’s work to help other people avoid this same tragedy since his brother’s death. He broke down how he came up with the idea for the blueprint for SW Fly High.

“You know, after my brother passed away, I was angry. Depressed. I was mad at the world. I’ve always hated drugs and everything they stood for, watching my brother battle his demons my whole life. But when he passed, I got angry at the system. I was angry at our government for not doing more to help these people. That anger birthed an idea, and I knew I had to make something productive out of it to make a difference.”

He added, “I was thinking about what types of services I could help provide to people with substance abuse problems. And there are outreach numbers; there are rehabs, online classes, ebooks, courses, I mean, you name it, it’s out there. Trust me; I did the research. I saw a commercial about traveling out of state for rehab, and it clicked – nobody provides any one-stop services for people traveling out of state for rehab. These people need accommodations for themselves, and their families when they come to visit, they need local travel, they need transportation, lodging, all of it. Then I added the idea of providing recreational services because many people who graduate from treatment like to reward themselves. Their families like to treat them. What better way than to provide that as a service as well?”

His initial focus on Texas drug rehabs is because he’s originally from the Lone Star State. Still, Beecher said he plans to release a new focus page each week with a different state until all 50 have their category on the website.

The battle against substance abuse is far from over, but with people like Beecher and the services provided by his organization, the future certainly looks a little brighter.





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