b2finance guides Software AG accounting services server change


Sao Paulo, Brazil Jun 13, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Since 1969 on the market, Software AG has collaborated with more than 10 thousand customers in nearly 70 countries to use enterprise infrastructure software to connect people, departments, systems, and devices. With the mission of making truly connected organizations possible through APIs, integration, and microservices for the transformation of business and IT processes, the German company realized that it was time to replace the accounting service provider that made it difficult the business management, interfering deliveries, and deadlines with the headquarters.

In this project, the company found in b2finance‘s accounting, tax, and financial BPO an alternative that perfectly suited the organization’s needs. The partnership, which came from the search of the Financial Director of Software AG, Luiz Armani, was based on some strategic points: eliminating delays, lack of information, difficulty in generating reports, avoiding non-compliance with deadlines for the head office in Germany, and find an accounting service provider that would guarantee the quality of deliveries.

In this context, b2finance understood that it could do more for the company, as co-founder Renato Halt says: “We understand the main Software AG difficulties. Many of them we were able to solve through SAP Business One with its online accounting, ease of integration, and custom reporting. Some others, with the commitment of both teams, partnership, and being part of the client’s routine, we managed to solve together with deadlines and transparency”.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or business management system for small and medium-sized companies was already used by the group in Europe and in other parts of the world, and the entry of the Brazilian headquarters in this ecosystem greatly facilitated communication between the ERPs. Besides that, with b2finance’s expertise, the entire implementation was carried out in less time than expected, speeding up results.

“The project was carried out in a shorter period of time than market practice, but with the same quality and ensuring the integrity of the information. We can say that it was a bold Go Live and within the expected time frame. We found some difficulties but we overcame them by the determination and commitment of both companies, which have increasingly solidified this successful partnership”, explains Rosicler Lopes Croce, the company’s Accounting and Finance Manager for Latin America.

As the second-largest software supplier in Germany, Software AG is guided by best practices and looking to the future. There are few companies that celebrate more than five decades of history. For those brands in search of operational excellence and longevity, the Financial and Operations Director in Latin America, Luiz Armani, explains that commitment and innovation are essential.

“One of the most important points of this process was commitment. The understanding of the two parts of knowing that we were looking for the same purpose. As for advice, I would tell managers to read some business cases. What seems expensive, can be very profitable in the future with a much better return. To change is very hard, but you will reap the rewards later. Open your mind and listen. Finally, when presenting your information, be transparent. This is the only way for you to have a successful implementation and business success”, he concludes.





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