Shavonda Robinson, The Author and The Rising Entrepreneur


United States, 20th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Shavonda Robinson is a 38 year old, experienced writer whose work has appeared in anthologies and journals. She is a 15 times award winning published authority and also the CEO of Colourful Vibe Designs 3 which is an online fashion designing business.

When she was seven years old, she was introduced to one of Maya Angelou’s poetry books, “And Still I Rise,” and she began writing. Her mother used to read the book to her every night when she received it as a present.

Maya Angelou’s poems and other literature became an obsession for her. She is one of her greatest role models for being an author and making a difference in the world. She had always felt compelled to share her expertise with others through writing and communication.

She also founded “Create Something for the Future,” a poetry magazine for aspiring poets and authors. In a few poetry competitions, she has won awards for most innovative and poet of the year. When it comes to reshaping ourselves and our thoughts through the written word, she is motivated by the power of words.

Being a creative person, Shavonda always had creative ideas and she wanted to transform them into businesses. She has amassed a loyal bunch of clients who trust her when it comes to things she knows and is good at. The wonder woman has also achieved the milestone of creating and publishing over 200 books within the span of just 4 years.

You can contact her on the following handles:

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