Magic Reports Its Top Most In-Demand VA Skills in 2022


San Francisco, California Jun 22, 2022 ( – Magic is a flexible, on-demand workforce solution that’s shaking up how businesses outsource tasks. It’s powered by vetted, college-educated remote workers experienced in admin, sales, marketing, and customer support best practices. A fully remote Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital-backed startup, Magic can source, screen, and qualify virtual assistants to help scale business operations. For more information, visit today.


With vast skillsets, Magic Assistants specialize in administrative, data, and research work to help clients get tasks done or grow their team. In an effort to assist business owners and leaders in understanding what virtual assistants can do, Magic Inc. looked into the top most in-demand skills that its clients look for.

Magic’s diverse and nearly limitless virtual assistant services cater to whatever a business needs. It has clients coming from various industries with the majority being internet software and service providers, media, and healthcare providers. As of June 2022, the startup found that the five most in-demand VA skills clients hire for are as follows:

  • Social media management – A Magic Assistant can create simple graphics and captions for posts, schedule content, develop and implement social media ads, and monitor results on multiple social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Communication skill – Magic Assistants are English-proficient and college-educated remote workers who can liaise with internal and external people to help discuss and execute business in a timely and organized manner.
  • Email management – A Magic Assistant can control and streamline email communication by cleaning and organizing your inbox and contact list, drafting emails, and setting up automation tools. They can even do email marketing tasks such as creating email campaigns and providing performance reports.
  • Appointment setting – Magic Assistants frees up time for busy entrepreneurs by managing their calendars and appointments. This includes confirming time availability, preparing materials for meetings, following up on clients, drafting scripts or templates for appointment setting, and overall, building rapport with prospects and clients.
  • Lead generation – A Magic Assistant can support the marketing team in generating leads through sales-related activities including data mining, managing email marketing, SEO and social media campaigns, organizing CRM, and preparing analytics reports.

These top skills lead toward General Virtual Assistants who are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and tools such as any dialer, online suite, CRM platform, e-commerce software, and basic social media tools. Magic Integration tools also make task delegation to virtual assistants easier.

Magic Assistants can accomplish almost everything that clients need, especially with the growing demand from renewable energy companies. If there’s an SOP for it, Magic can match you with a qualified virtual assistant within 72 hours. To be exact, there are 150 tasks that can be delegated to Magic Assistants to help businesses grow and operate more effectively.

With its on-demand, remote workforce, Magic works toward revolutionizing how outsourcing works at a price point of $10/hour. Be it a startup or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), clients can get started with Magic to discuss task delegation and specifications with charges only applied once a qualified virtual assistant starts working on their request.





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