Peter McNeil’s latest literary fiction ‘Postal Reboot’ is a thrilling masterpiece


North Carolina, United States Jun 23, 2022 ( – American novelist and filmmaker, Peter McNeil has recently launched his new book, ‘Postal Reboot’ which is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as on his website. The book is the manifestation of the author’s creative mind and storytelling ability. The gifted author has created a colorful world where the thrill is in every corner and the characters are full of surprises. He has seven intriguing stories with exciting characters, offering an exclusive and essential spin on real-life issues. Each story has a purpose and the power to form a powerful bond with the readers giving them something to relate to. The incredible narrative of the book connects with people coming from different backgrounds.

Previously published as ‘Postal’, the book, ‘Postal Reboot’ captures the attention of the readers right from the start, keeping them hooked till the end. The book gives an accurate yet gripping account of what actually happens and how the operations are handled in any local post office in America. The seriousness of work at a post office is revealed through the novel. Reading about a local post office had never been so exciting and thrilling. The story has all the flavors one can find in a book; love, drama, suspense, romance, heartbreak, humor, surprises, crime, and almost anything and everything. Peter McNeil has an exceptional talent of bring his characters to life, which he has executed perfectly in this book. The readers could feel the emotions of the characters, which makes the book a must-read.

The biggest challenge of writing fiction is to keep the flow of the story steady and it should only become better and not worse. Peter McNeil has been able to achieve that height by keeping the storyline interesting throughout the entire book and the characters as true as possible. The story is presented through the lens of seven employees at the office, revealing what they actually go through and what that makes them feel.

The lead character of the book is Freeman Souls, who struggles with alcoholism which causes a lot of trouble in his life. He is also in a conflict choosing between his difficult relationship with his fiancee and his seductively stunning co-worker at the post office named Velour Patterns, who will do anything to maintain her diva status, even if it means getting involved with some disturbing activity at the workplace. Freeman’s best friend and co-worker, James Richards, is fighting to gain custody of his daughter from her negligent mother, showcasing his struggle and plight while becoming romantically involved with a new co-worker Cadina Wilson. Cadina always had trouble holding onto a job. She secures a position in the local post office which she soon jeopardizes to her father’s dismay. Another important character is Denise Tucker who is trying her best to create an identity for herself as the new assistant manager but has regular conflicts with her manipulative boss Michael Davenport.

Another interesting character in the story is Lexington VanGuard who is hellbound on climbing the corporate ladder fast. However, his dream soon gets derailed by an unlikely source, giving a surprising twist to the storyline. The last but not least character in ‘Postal Reboot’ is Louis Rodriguez. He dreams of becoming a successful hip-hop artist while working at the post office but his skills are often ridiculed by his peers. All seven characters and their stories are connected with the common thread which is their workplace, the post office.

Peter McNeil is an African-American author who has recently released a brand-new book, ‘Postal Reboot’. Born in Brooklyn, he had been inspired by legendary author Stephen King and filmmaker Spike Lee to write his compelling and relatable stories. He is also preparing to begin film preproduction on a miniseries named ‘Postal: The Series’ based on the book. Find the book on Amazon and visit his website at for more updates.





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