ROGER BENDELAC rejects SEC allegations made in SEC vs Trends Mergers Inc


New York City, New York Jun 24, 2022 ( – Roger Bendelac (“RB”) a New York resident fully rejects the allegations made by the SEC Boston enforcement office in SEC vs. Trends Investments Inc. et al.

RB will do so in court if the appropriate forum is chosen as Bendelac does not recognise the District of Massachusetts as appropriate for a New York resident that has never conducted any business in that geographic district.

Upon hiring his legal team, the appropriate motion to dismiss will be made.

But for now, RB reminds all that the allegations are unproven and based on many factual errors which he stands ready to demonstrate and prove at the appropriate time.

RB was quoted as saying: ” It is unfortunate that government resources are wasted this way. However unscrupulous agents at the Administrative State Agency are unfortunately a common occurrence.”





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