Why QC Kinetix (Beaumont), TX, is the Home of Regenerative Medicine


QC Kinetix (Beaumont) has good news for people nursing sports-related injuries and those whose health is hampered by chronic pain. Beaumont’s state-of-the-art pain control clinic is making a massive difference by using the biologic therapies to repair and restore damaged tissues, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Groundbreaking regenerative medicine treatment also helps patients recover faster without undergoing risky surgeries. The providers have decades of experience in orthopedics and regenerative medicine and have helped many patients with joint pain and related conditions find relief.

QC Kinetix (Beaumont) invites patients for a zero-obligation consultation to learn about the regenerative medicine options available. Patients with knee pain get uniquely chosen natural healing protocols to restore function and alleviate pain. As a breakthrough treatment center in Beaumont, TX, the clinic’s primary goal is to improve the patient’s ability to function so they can enjoy life to the optimum.

Regenerative medicine can suppress back pain and its destructive effects, thereby eliminating the side effects common with traditional surgery. The minimally invasive Beaumont back pain treatment has helped many patients regain independence and get back to doing what they enjoy within a short time. For parents suffering from shoulder pain, the team will move quickly to deal with the unpleasant experience and constant disruptions in daily life and work out strategies to prevent future injuries. During the treatment, the doctors will use their expertise to integrate various biologic therapies and proven conventional treatments like physical therapy to restore joint health.

The focus of QC Kinetix (Beaumont) regenerative medicine is to trigger the body’s self-healing mechanism to kickstart the repair of damaged cartilage and joint tissue, thus eliminating the dependency on anti-inflammatory medications. Patients visiting the regenerative medicine clinic on a regular basis include those struggling with knee pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries, ankle pain, elbow pain, back pain, joint pain due to arthritis, hip pain, and more. To stay on top of their game, orthopedics undergo regular training in their specialty areas and constantly carry out extensive research to deliver the best evidence-based therapies.

The medical team features Dr. Kevin Tavangarian, MD ARDMS, and Missy Ballard, FNP-C. As a Southwest Texas native, Dr. Kevin Tavangarian is a University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center graduate and has worked in multiple community hospitals and trauma-designated centers. Missy Ballard is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with an interest in aesthetics, wellness, and regenerative medicine. Check out the detailed website for an opportunity to learn more about their Beaumont office.

The pain control team at QC Kinetix (Beaumont) can be reached at (409) 206-5636. A representative will also get in touch with the patient immediately after the no-obligation consultation is submitted. Their advanced clinic is centrally located at 350 Pine St, Suite 350, Beaumont, TX, 77701, United States.

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