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St. Louis, MO – Chronic medical conditions treated with prescription medication lead to physical or psychological dependence. When a physician recommends the use of medical marijuana, patients can get their recommendations from the Missouri Green Team. The coalition of local medical marijuana doctors has more than 100 years of combined experience practicing medicine in the US. They examine medical records or physician documents such as health summaries, doctors’ notes, ER reports, urgent care visit documents, therapist/chiropractors’ notes, and copies of prescription medications to help patients get their medical marijuana cards.

The doctors’ volunteering and charitable efforts have earned them respect throughout the communities of St. Louis. The founders of the Missouri Green Team were early pioneers of the medical marijuana industry, where they were involved in dispensary operations in Michigan and technology innovations in California. Collectively, they’re passionate about providing an optimized patient experience while also combating the war on opioids.

Medical marijuana recommendations aren’t available to everyone. The state of Missouri has a list of conditions/diseases that may qualify a patient for a medical marijuana card. The list includes cancer, migraines, epilepsy, severe muscle spasms, glaucoma, seizures, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, sickle cell anemia, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, neuropathies, Tourette’s syndrome, hepatitis C, autism, terminal illness, and ALS.

Getting a medical marijuana recommendation/card with the Missouri Green Team is streamlined. First, a patient needs to visit the company’s website to create an account and schedule a meeting with a physician at their convenience. They’re then expected to complete the intake form that covers their basic data and medical history. During the Telemed consultation, the physician reviews the medical information, asks relevant questions about the patient’s medical history, understands the ailment(s), answers any questions, and addresses any concerns about the medical marijuana program.

Once the evaluation is concluded and the patient is approved, they’re required to submit their payments securely online. Missouri Green Team has an automated process where patients can input their credit/debit card details before starting the evaluation. When the payment has been processed, the patient receives a completed and signed version of the Missouri Physician Certification Form by email, which has to be submitted to the Missouri DHSS portal. After the DHSS confirms/approves the recommendation, the patient receives their Missouri medical marijuana card in the mail, allowing them to access any state-licensed dispensary.

The medical marijuana cards are valid for use in Missouri for up to a year before renewal. At the renewal consultation, the doctor reviews the medical marijuana treatment while providing additional medical advice, information, or updates. To learn more about obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation, visit the Missouri Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations – Missouri Green Team – (580) 606-6741 website. Missouri Green Team is located at 211 North Broadway, St. Louis, MO, 63102, US.

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