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September is Emergency Preparedness month. To help Americans stock up on survival supplies and food products in case of an emergency, the team at the Weathervane Survival Supplies platform now offer an expanded array of product choices.

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While many are putting the pandemic behind them, dangerous weather events, increasing social uprisings and the threat of devastating earthquakes and fires mean today’s Americans should always be prepared to live without municipal assistance for at least three days. To help individuals and families stock up on the supplies they will need to survive any emergency, Weathervane Survival Supplies offers an updated inventory of goods, purification systems and long-lasting adventure foods.

Emergency prepping is no longer a fringe undertaking. With the number of severe weather events increasing around the world and lessons learned from the recent pandemic, more and more people are determined to learn how to live off the grid. Founders of the Weathervane Survival Supplies website offer everything needed to help people prepare for uncertainties.

The website has a selection of products in categories that include long term and adventure food, tents, hidden cameras, first aid necessities, emergency survival kits and protective gear.

Some of the platform’s most popular products include bug-in survival kits, bug-out survival essentials, and associated water purification units, and first aid essentials.

Bug-in kits help individuals survive indoors during an emergency. The type of kit a customer should buy depends on the number of people in their household, and individual strengths and weaknesses. Customers are also advised to think about their location and any associated geographical threats, such as the potential for earthquakes or fires.

The bug-in kit can include first aid essentials, sanitation and hygiene-related products, and home safety essentials. The platform also sells port-a-potty chemicals, infectious waste bags, gas shut off tools, and wet naps.

Bug-out bags are portable kits that contain all the must-haves individuals and families will need in the event of an evacuation. The Weathervane Survival platform provides a wide selection of products to ensure kits are as comprehensive as possible.

With their recent product line expansion, the Weathervane Survival Supplies online store helps a nationwide audience get the peace of mind they want by giving them access to a one-stop array of necessities.

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