Multi-Billion Dollar Charitable Art Collection titled Jesus Showed Me A Split Sea


A RISING STAR Display The I Met Jesus Soho-based fashion house showcases the ultra exclusive limited-edition art collection

MANHATTAN, NY – RISING STAR showcases Jesus Showed Me A Split Sea, the one and only multi-billion dollar art collection that has overtaken the airways in order to benefit charities by way of the Earth Church. The timeless contemporary pieces were constructed in a manner that separates the body of work from any art, past, present and future.

The house features The World’s Most Expensive Photograph and billions of dollars worth of beautiful sketches and poetry. Alongside these pieces are hundreds of photographs with advanced market valuations far past 7 to 9 figures per photograph. The phenomenal feats garner the total value of the collections past the worth of many luxury car companies and international financial institutions.


RISING STAR has displayed a great deal of quality artistry, articulating many feelings and perceptions through works of great stature. Precision with a mixture of supernatural Christian aesthetic is the highlight in all of the house’s works. All in all, the house continually uses the immovable power of God to present these magnificent pieces. Very intricate detail and prioritizing went into creating the Jesus Showed Me A Split Sea artwork. 

Includes details on “Thanks To Jesus, I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down To Me”, 3-Poem Series “The Devil Keeps Trying To Blend Me In And He Keeps Losing” “The Devil Doesn’t Know How To Blend Me In” and “The Devil Is Mad That I Keep Winning” {Special details on the historical Quadrillion Coin, part of the exclusive EUX Unlimited Series}.

Copyright Notice:

Earthling Unlimited Extensive Files (Unlimited Coin, Unlimited Token, Ultra Token, Ultra Coin, Unlimited, Ultra, Super Token, EUXE, Buy-It-Now, WorldMasterClass Files, WMX, WMEI, Quadrillion Coin, XEUIndex, BXI, ZNY, EUX) are protected under the copyright laws of the U.S. and international copyright laws through means of the WIPO, Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Reproduction, copying of any sort or distribution without expressed, written permission of Earthling is strictly prohibited.

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Address 1: Manhattan New York 10013

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