Chain resignation of police forces in France

Resignation of police and security forces in France has multiplied in recent months and reports indicate a 30% growth of this phenomenon in the last four years.

According to the news channel “France T. And. Info”, recently the national police and law enforcement forces change their workplace to the municipality due to what is called “better and more local working conditions”. For example, in the city of “Nice” 80 municipal police are from the former national police or law enforcement forces under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

Changing the position of police forces has recently become a serious challenge for the Ministry of Interior.

This news channel added: In order to maintain the police and gendarmerie employees, different governments have tried to deal with this process by raising wages and allocating special funds. Since 2016, 730 million euros have been allocated for this purpose.

However, this trend has maintained its upward trend and the reason for this is mostly the difficulty of this profession, very low salary and the overall bad and weak image of the police in the society, which discourages the professional forces from continuing their activities.

In a report published a month ago (April 13), France’s audit bureau had previously expressed concern that the record exit from the police and gendarmerie was broken in 2021, then exceeded again in 2022.

This report was reflected in the media at the same time, but these days it has once again returned to the headlines of France, and the magazine “La Depeche” devoted a detailed report to this issue in its Sunday issue and wrote: The resignation of the police forces and the national police during Four years, it has increased by 30%.

According to France T. And. Info, last year (2022), nearly 6,000 police forces left their place of work, which shows a double growth compared to the previous year.

According to this report, the situation in the judicial police is the same; One in five judicial policemen threatens to resign and leave their post if the reforms, which many oppose, continue.





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