Tips for playing in public from Amin Zebarjad

Seyed Mohammad Amin Zebarjad known as Amin is a musician, arranger, music composer and actor. He started his music career in 2018 and his rapid progress led him to release his first official track in 2020. His main style is instrumental and he has created many works in this genre. One of his remarkable works is the album “Love”. Amin Zebarjad works as a singer in two genres of pop and instrumental and plays piano, guitar and violin. Although his first activity is in the field of software engineering, but his interest in music has made him pursue it professionally and we can see more of his work in this industry in the future.

Amin Zebarjad says: “When you play an instrument and master a piece, you subconsciously feel that you want to share the pieces of music you have learned with others and play for them as well. It has subtleties that if you don’t pay attention to them, you may lose your taste for this work.

Try to choose pieces that you have complete mastery over and have practiced before.

To start, choose simple pieces with a slower rhythm and gradually, after warming up your fingers and muscles, perform harder pieces with faster rhythms.

There may be people in the crowd who do not even know the name of your instrument or are not interested in hearing the sound of the instrument and music, this issue should not cause you discomfort or disturb your concentration, try to focus your attention on the others who If you are interested, please refer. So that you don’t have any problems, choose a quiet corner and start playing. People who are eager to hear the sound of your instrument will gradually gather around you.

Don’t forget to have high self-confidence while playing. This will help you if you play a part of the piece wrongly or if you forget, you can easily manage it and continue working.”






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